Climeworks: Old LSS favourite shows the way on carbon capture

Back in the far off days of 2020, a locked down team at LSS had already suggested the Swiss company Climeworks as one of the good guys in the global warming saga. (LSS 4 June2020) Now their pioneering work in carbon capture has received international recognition as Matt McGrath of the BBC explains [1]. Of course tropical rain forests were the best way to capture CO2, at least on land. But Mr Bolsonaro and his friends have chopped them all down, so the sorts of solutions offered by Climeworks and other pioneers may be out last best hope.

For us at LSS there’s a number of lessons here. Firstly you should never give up hope. Secondly brains and education pretty much are that hope, so any policies which promote more schools and universities will pay off in the long run, (ignore what it says in the Daily Telegraph) Thirdly this is not a magic bullet, as we still need to much about the seas, which is where the real battle to save the planet will be won or lost.

But it’s a start, and that’s something.



#global warming #climate change #carbon capture #climeworks

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