Immigration: UK initiative will test LSS Theory to destruction

Immigration! That word! We said it! Now wait for the neuralgic responses to come rolling in. For they will, they surely will. It’s like mentioning sex in a deeply Christian family around the year 1955. And like sex, it won’t go away even if everyone stops talking about it.

We’ve published a number of blogs on the matter here, even a little mini-series last year. The other day, someone in the office suggested they add up to our very own LSS Theory of Immigration. Sounds a bit portentous, doesn’t it? Anyway it goes something like this: Immigration is caused by people moving from nasty places (poverty, wars, oppression) to nicer places (money). It’s been going on for a very, very long time. It is a typical example of a free market brokering supply and demand, in this case labour. Er…that’s it.

It is in this light that the recent UK Government initiative on channel crossings ought to be considered. [1]Will it work? Only time will tell. In the meantime, opponents and supporters of the scheme should ask and answer these questions:

1 Many people are deeply frightened by these arrivals. These fears are particularly concentrated in certain social layers. If the crossings are not stopped, how will these fears be allayed?

2 Many illegal immigrants are finding work rather easily. Shall people and companies who employ them be hunted down and prosecuted?

3 During the US experiment with prohibition, every attempt to prescribe the flow of illegal alcohol failed as did every get-tough initiative, because the demand for booze was so great. Do you really think this will not happen again?

4 The War on Drugs-see prohibition above

5 Why does the UK receive such  high numbers of immigration from countries like Albania and Syria and such low numbers from places like Switzerland and Denmark?

6 How could rich countries promote programmes of economic improvement to cut the flows of migrants?

If our soi-disant Theory of Immigration is correct, the UK Government’s new initiative will fail. Leaving even more domestic anger, drownings and disillusion. Only time will tell.


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