Antibiotic resistance: more good news from the phage front

We at LSS are nothing of not optimistic, and always ready to try new ideas when a big problem is looming down on us. That’s why we’ve always nurtured a soft spot for bacteriophages as one extra approach to the antibiotics resistance crisis. Well, there’s some good news. Professor Martha Clokie is to head up the first bacteriophage library at the University of Leicester in the UK. She’s the right person, having been a phage expert for years. Phages are not the whole answer, but they have to be part of it. and a little lateral thinking has been long overdue.

We don’t want to get all carried away, but there are signs that the antibiotics problem is starting to be addressed seriously, in many ways. Lets give two and a half cheers and hope it long continues.

Hannah Devlin has an excellent summary in the Guardian [1]


#antibiotic resistance #pandemic #bacteriophage #university of Leicester #medicine

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