Friday Night Cocktails from 100 years ago

When we think of the 1920s we remember it for all the wrong reasons. Jazz Silent movies. Giant luxurious hotels and ocean liners. Flappers. Blizzards of tickertape blowing through the concrete canyons of Manhattan to greet some now long-forgotten hero. And we remember them every time we mix a cocktail, those convenient fruit drinks designed to hide the taste of gin, and so evade the inconvenient restrictions of Prohibition. For this was the first American decade, and although you could get a drink legally in London or Paris, those war shattered economies could never compete with the cultural and economic dominance of Uncle Sam.

And so, looking back from our own set of twenties, tonight we shall showcase a selection of the very most stylish and elegant of 1920s best. all with the aid of an excellent website called A Couple Cooks [1] which our hardworking research team have prepared for you. And what a list! There’s several of your old stalwarts like the Tom Collins, Gin Fizz, White Lady, French 75 and Sidecar. If you want something with real period flavour, how about a Hemingway Daiquiri or a Mary Pickford? And a couple of oddities such as the Hanky-Panky and the Bees knees, for which you need real honey! Perhaps you could have told a policeman it was a cure for a sore throat or something.

The site has a marvellous collection of multicoloured photos, recipes and general good cheer. So we urge you to dive in and and sing along with the old refrain

“Keep away from Bootleg hooch, when you’re on the spree/Take good care of yourself, you belong to me”


Hemingway #cocktails #1920s #mary pickford

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