P-22 A sad correction (and a tip for our Spanish chums)

It is sad to recall that only last Saturday we hailed the end of the wild days of Hollywood star P 22, and looked forward to his long and peaceful retirement in a wildlife sanctuary. Now we know the truth; the reasons for gating the poor old Puma were so grave that a happy life could not be possible. His injuries were just too severe. He had to be euthanised, or put to sleep humanely, as we say in these islands.

But animal lovers everywhere will remember the bond he created with so many admirers, and how much it helped the cause of conservation. One day, when we have won, and the world is safe to live in again, let’s remember the little bond that formed between progressive minded people and this remarkable animal.


para nuestros amigos hispanohablantes: el LA Times tiene una edicion entera en español! Si vds. no lo han descubierto, !vaya oportunidad!


p-22 #los angeles #puma #cougar #mountain lion #conservation #california

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