Weekly Round Up P-22, rewilding India, puzzles, Putin and dreams

stories that we liked this week

P-22 retires The adventures of Puma P-22 have intrigued the inhabitants of Los Angeles as much as those of any movie star for the last 10 years. But like many an old trouper, he’s now too long in the tooth for his starring role in Griffith Park, and is to be retired to a sanctuary, to spend his days in nostalgic memory of when he topped the bill in LA


Hope in India India is fast becoming so important that everything they do there counts, right around the world. That’s why it’s so hopeful to read of a major rewilding initiative, which might also help to mitigate global warming. Nature explains, The Promise and Politics of Rewilding India, via The New Yorker

In midlife, writer and filmmaker Pradip Krishen fell in love with trees. Now he is a leading advocate for rewilding in India, as one of the leaders of a group called the Ecological Restoration Alliance of India. Rather than quick-fix tree-planting projects — some of which are nothing more than a media stunts and have little long-term success — their restoration aims focus on the specifics of local ecosystems and the livelihoods of their people. But that approach is at odds with the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which push for rapid development that sometimes sweeps aside scientists’ warnings and Indigenous people’s resistance.The New Yorker | 30 min read

Work this one out Humans have always had a fascination with puzzles. Is it in our DNA? Some of them are very old. And some are timeless as these two pieces form the Mail make clear:



Putin’s Puzzle Talking of which-why didn’t Vladimir Putin actually sit down and think for ten minutes before he launched his foolish invasion of Ukraine? The Guardian outlines the long term harm he has done to Russia, its people and its culture. And it’s catastrophic.


Daydream believer Everyone dreams about what might happen if they won the lottery. But for some daydreams and fantasies can become as addictive as cocaine, alcohol or cigarettes. The Conversation offers this wake up call:


California Dreaming This week’s song started where we ended, with P-22 dreaming of his lost freedoms, while lapping up the cream of the Golden State’s largesse from his well -appointed paddock. It’s the Mommas and the Poppas-who else?

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