Science offers hope, not once but ten times

It’s fair to say that we at LSS are quick to note when someone else does what we are trying to do, only they do it much better. Well, gentle readers, such is the case with the Guardian who have pulled together the top ten science stories of the year. We really want you to click on the links below, goodness knows. But before you do, note how some of our old favourites like AI, antibiotics and astronautics are in there. As well as research transfer, shown here in the cases of COVID vaccines and Brillouin microscopy. Grant us that at at least.

Oh, and grant us one tiny second more to explain why we have done this. Because while the foolish mass of mankind squander their lives in foolish quarrels over lines on maps, or the frivolous doings of vainglorious celebrities, real progress is made by people who quietly think and learn and think again. If only there were more of them.

#AI #antibiotics #alzheimers #space travel #vaccines #mRNA #batteries #renewables #solarpower #cliamte change

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