Weekly round up: Antibiotics, Ayatollahs, Sewage, Cryptos, telescopes and Tories

stories which we think may be significant in the longer term

Good news on antibiotics We started this blog (and the Facebook page that preceded it entirely to advance the cause of research into new antibiotics. So it’s good to see a little progress. A new drug called Fabimycin may offer real hope.


Ayatollah, don’t Khomeini Closer!#1 We always remember Ayatollah Khomeini as a laid back, fun loving dude. Hence his participation in this cheerful pop video from the 1980s. So what must this easy-going guy have been thinking when he launched that Fatwa against obscure author Salman Rushdie back in ’89? Out of character we think. The video shows the true side of the Ayatollah we knew and loved, so judge for yourself.

https://www.youtube.com › watch?v=8iPgOBoqsaQ

Ayatollah, Don’t Khomeini Closer #2 Talking of Judge for Yourself, what of Salman Rushdie’s so called cultural output-is it any good? Here’s a list of his books so you can decide. They’re all easily available through good sites like Waterstones and Amazon.


Cryptos Curtailed A few years ago Cryptocurrency boosters boasted that their new blockchains would make them impervious to fraud and hackers. Not so. This article from PC magazine is just the tip of an iceberg. Some say it’s not the technology, its the users being weak and slack in their security procedures. IT and security professionals everywhere take note!


By the Rivers of Babylon Academics and Detectives normally have very different skill sets. So what happens when you put two of them to work together? The answer is an amazing tale of how Britain’s waterways have deteriorated into a mass of open sewers. Overseas readers-are you sure it isn’t happening in your countries?


we thank ripuarian proprietor Mr Gary Herbert for this story

Tories tamed As Whigs, we at LSS have sympathy with parties of left and right-what counts for us is who has the best policy at the time. We have, in our humble way, tried to show how Britain’s Conservative Party has lost its way. Now John Oxley, for the Spectator does it much much better than we could ever hope to:


It’s that James Webb again! Nature Briefings is reviewing its best articles and point us to this one about the magnificent new James Webb telescope. Once again the ineffable Mr Gary Herbert gets in on the act with a link to the telescope’s Facebook page, so you can join the community for yourself

The James Webb Space Telescope — a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency — released four of its first full-colour science images in July. Webb’s 6.5-metre-wide mirror is the largest ever launched into space. The combination of its large mirror, infrared view and tennis-court-sized sunshield allow Webb an unprecedented view of many astronomical phenomena. “It’s only just the beginning,” notes NASA astronomer Michelle Thaller.

.Nature | 5 min read


Well, there’s something to be getting on with. We hope you all have a great weekend. The board of directors are now off to Maccy D’s at East Croydon station to cure our hangovers. We hope the staff will follow us after they have turned the lights off and closed down all the computers.

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