Cancer News so good that we broke our Sunday Embargo

The management and staff at LSS enjoy their Sunday rest as much as anyone else does. But a story from Robin McKie of the Guardian offers such hope on new cancer treatments that we have to offer it to you, gentle readers, as soon as possible.

Robin’s headline says it all “New Parp inhibitors could stop cancers appearing” A PARP is an enzyme called Poly adenosine diphosphate-ribose polymerase. It works by helping cells repair damaged DNA. Obviously cancer cells have it too. Now researchers have discovered ways to inhibit this enzyme in cancer cells only. The result? They die. Cancer regresses. But Robin explains everything in clear prose, Click on! [1]

What we wanted to emphasise was this extract from his article:

The clinical evaluation of the first Parp inhibitors began 20 years ago just as the funding charity Cancer Research UK (CRUK) was formed out of an amalgamation of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and the Cancer Research Campaign. Since then the organisation has played a key role in funding research in the field.

It really, really pays everyone to give to Charity. There really does seem something in the argument that pooled resources, working together, produces far better outcomes for all. (that’s enough reallys-ed) When was the last time a rugged individualist at the Dog and Duck came up with a cure for cancer?

So we are also offering a link to Cancer Research UK [2](confession-we’ve got a 20 year old direct debit to this lot) in case you too want to help progress. Or of course look for a similar institution in your own country.



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