Friday Night: when it’s just too hot for cocktails

Feeling Hot and tired? too hot to do all that tricky mixing and measuring? Well, we don’t blame you. So here a few quick cooling ideas for a boiling Friday night.

Cold Lager Ever a standby. Kept in the fridge until the can/bottle is frosty cold and beaded as you pour. To prove we’re not too anglocentric, here’s a few brands we’ve enjoyed down the years: San Miguel, Kronenbourg, Foster’s Red Stripe, Budweiser, Red Stripe. The English love ’em.

Quick hit Pimms Forget all that fussy jars and fruit and foraging for borage hardscrabble. You can make a perfectly satisfactory quickie in a glass with a little lemonade, a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes

Gin and Tonic Same as above really, in concept. Gordons even do little ready made tins. Iceland have copied these under the soubriquet Alfie, Just add your own ice and lemon.

Ice cold rose Over ice and maybe with a bit of soda water to cool things down. Nineteen seventies style comments about men who drink rose are now considered to be exceedingly crass and asleep

Shandy Made with fine old ale and cold lemonade, you can keep going for hours without falling asleep in the rose bed. Don’t neglect as a possibility!

Cider The only time we seriously considered becoming teetotal was when we were offered what was purported to be “real farmhouse west country cider” in a hamlet in Cornwall. It was disgusting, the kind taste you would expect from the cleaned out sump of an old combine harvester. Whereas! Companies like Bulmers, Magners, Thatchers and many others do a delightful range of delicious fizzy apple or pear based beverages which gladden many a thirsty palate, and have done ever since 1961. In tribute to an old TV ad for a now vanished brand, we’ll close with this old song and see if any of you remember it

Coates cum oop from Zomerrrzet/ Deown wurrr tha zoider arpples grrreow!

Have a good weekend. If the fields are dying, prices rising and you can’t water your garden, here’s why: Climategate 2009. When meaningful action on climate change might have started. But someone prevented it.

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