Antibiotics-a modest cough

When we started this blog-and indeed the Facebook page the proceeded it- our major aim was antibiotics. To draw attention to their failing supply, the dangers this posed, and of course efforts to develop new ones, or at least safe alternatives. Back then in 2015 the situation looked pretty bleak. But we rolled up our sleeves and with the help of kind persons who know far, far about IT than we do, we made a start.

Nothing we did could be equal to the efforts of Professor Colin Garner and his charity antibiotic research uk. Yet we got on the team and did our part in all sorts of ways. As did many, many others to a far greater extent. Including many of you who will be reading this, who helped and encouraged tirelessly.

Now we are happy to bring you news that real progress is being made. According to BBC Health [1] and other outlets, two new antibiotics called cefiderocol and ceftazimime will soon be available on the British NHS. What’s more it looks like their use will be more carefully guarded than older antibiotics. And someone has worked out ways so that it’s economically viable for drugs companies to produce the stuff.

So forgive us if we at LSS give a modest cough, point to ourselves and then say-thanks for following us this far. There is a long way to go, to coin an old platitude. But a start has been made. A ray of light indeed in the gloomiest of Aprils.

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