Stressed? Then get a pet

Yes it’s a stress-filled world out there right now. To add to our worries about global warming, pharmaceutical collapse and plastic pollution ,we now have to cope with the failures in anger management at the top of the Russian leadership. Any normal person might be forgiven for thinking it’s all getting to be a bit much.

Well, why not get a pet? According to Ann Hemingway of The Conversation, acquiring a furry friend such as a dog, a cat or a horse can can really chill you out. Apparently these animals invest in building and maintaining long-term emotional relationships. There is even evidence of therapists turning to our four-legged friends for their help in calming down traumatised children. We remember a fantastic story from 1996 of a tiger cub who was taken to meet the inmates of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The genuine joy of these patients was unforgettable. If anybody who was thre reads this, let us know-you’ll be in your thirties now!

So a nice little heart warmer for you today-but think about it. A dog might be a lot healthier for you than benzodiazepines. Because they won’t take you for a walk.

#cats #dogs #horses #animal welfare #stress

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