Weekly round up: of mushrooms, models, manipulators and dinosaur mummies

with thanks to many contributors this week

Mushrooms talking? Life is incredibly diverse and strange, as anyone who has even glanced at the huge unseen world of bacteria and fungi will tell you. Is it even possible these things can talk to one another? Both the Mail and the Guardian seem to think so


we thank Mr Gary Herbert for this story

Maths models make drugs methodical To see a thing done well, the fine tuning of means to ends, has always been our delight. Now it seems we could use mathematical models to enhance the delivery of some of our best drugs and medicines, Here’s Nature Briefings

Mathematical and computational models might be able to aid scientists in deciding the best dose for a future COVID-19 vaccine. The spectacular speed and effectiveness of the vaccines rolled out so far could have been even better if the amount given in each shot had been based on more than educated guesses, say advocates of the new technologies. Researchers typically use past experience and animal testing to find a sweet spot for vaccine doses that minimizes side effects and maximizes efficacy. Modelling that considers side effects, efficacy, the interval between doses and the type of immune response might be able to help.Nature | 13 min read

Manipulators at war. It’s an iron law of organisations, whether democratic or dictatorial, private or public. The different departments spend as much time fighting against each other as they do against the enemy. This piece came up because Mr Putin and his boys are in the news. But we recognise echoes of many places where we or friends have worked. The Conversation


Massive impact It’s a commonly asserted that a huge asteroid impacted the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs on a single day 66.5 million years ago. We have always disagreed, believing in fact that it happened on the Friday afternoon of the week before, so as to spoil everyone’s weekend. Like asteroids, like airlines so to speak. Now some amazing research by some scientists at the university of Manchester seems to have found a place which shows what happened on the very day of the strike here’s Live Science


Apparently the BBC have produced a documentary about this, fronted by Sir David Attenborough his should give details


See what we mean about people doing a job well? See you next week!

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