Chocolate Cocktails for Easter

Easter is coming, and you might think that the mudslide of solid eatin’ chocolate which is about to engulf you will be enough. Think again, gentle reader, for we are proud to present not one but 47 recipes, for chocolate cocktails which means you can drink the stuff at the same time you scoff. How’s that for ergonomics? Our researchers toiled in the depths of the Interweb to bring you three sites with glorious recipes, so let’s waste not further time!

The Spruce Eats-31 recipes: What we liked about this was the way that old classics are given a chocolatey twist. There’s chocolate martinis, a margarita and variations on good old milk shakes. Plus an erudite and learned discussion comparing the delights of Creme de cacao and chocolate liqueur. Yet we are tipping the time honoured Brandy Alexander, which we first observed being mixed in a pub in West London in 1976, almost before we realised such things as cocktails existed. Good ol’ Spruce Eats, we’ll come back to them again. Meantime, here’s a link

BBC Good Food Many say the BBC and its truth telling was one of the Allies’ greatest weapons in World War 2. We hope the same now! To acknowledge this most civilised of institutions we link to their eight recipes. We think the salted caramel rum hot chocolate could keep you warm in case of those sudden icy blasts which can blight many an Easter plan, despite the abundant evidence for global warming.

Love to Know Finally our researchers insisted that this site joined the list, as there are some actual recipes. Who were we to refuse such admonitions? For a real difference, why not check out their Chocolate mint julep, a real spring treat by the sound of things.

According to well-attested research, the average person is said to consume 37.7856 Easter eggs between Maundy Thursday and the last weather broadcast on Monday night. So why not add to your pleasure by washing down that egg with one of our truly delicious suggestions-and make a real Easter to remember?

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