Here’s how to combat global warming-fast

The greatest legacy of Vladimir Putin‘s invasion of Ukraine will be that it diverted attention from efforts to combat climate change. Which means that when the war is over we are going to have to move fast. Most reasonable people agree that, human nature being what it is, the best way to achieve this is to let someone make a bit of money from solving the problems.

Clever scientists are not short of ideas. But to get them to the market requires navigating a complex world of middle men-lawyers, marketeers, patent rights johnnies, financiers, bankers and the like. Now Guoping Hu, Eric F May and Kevin Gang Li, writing in Nature, describe how their invention to capture methane will actually get to market and make them a small sum in time to make a difference.

Capturing methane could make an enormous difference to climate change, because it has thirty times more warming potential than carbon dioxide. Unknown gigatonnes of the stuff pour from oil wells, gas plants and refineries; but it’s always been a devil to separate it out from other gases, especially nitrogen. The answer for the authors was ionic liquid zeolites {1] which you can read about in the paper. But they didn’t stop there. Instead the article focuses on a tour de force of how they navigated the treacherous waters of design, manufacturing, marketing and selling until they got to market in half the time it normally takes. It’s something any budding sci/tech entrepreneur might like to read, especially those whose ideas are needed by a dying world. But please do it quickly!

click on the link below or go via Nature’s lead in here

Industrial chemists Guoping Hu, Eric May and Kevin Gang Li share lessons from commercializing their methane capture technology in ten years. “That sounds like a long time, but it’s actually fast,” they write. “Patents last for only 20 years, making it a race against time.” To spur others on, they share advice on how to speed along the path from development to testing and manufacturing.Nature | 11 min read


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