Covid Slump or long term slump?

Slowing recoveries around the world from China to the US, rising inflation, massive debts. You could be forgiven for thinking that the headwinds blowing across the world economy were due to our old friend COVID 19, but not so, according to Larry Elliott of The Guardian.[1] He sees a deeper structural malfunction comparable to the famous long depression that started after the financial crash of 1873 and lasted for the rest of the nineteenth century. The parallels with 2007-08 are obvious,

Well, not only does he provide a masterly analysis, but also shows what the way out will be-so read it and find out. Since 2007 the feeling that the whole world is living with a ild but chronic case of flu is almost palpable. There has to be way out for everyone, we deserve better than this.


#us #china #economics #depression #covid-19 #sustainability

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