The 5G: a cocktail for the information age

We are in receipt of a communication from that most erudite of readers, Mrs Lee of Fulham, London, (currently travelling on a cultural tour of Europe),who writes:

O, Cocktailmeister, much as we admire your recipes and suggestions, some of them do seem to suggest another age. An expansive age, an art deco age, a world of liners, blazers and streamlined limousines. All very well, but it has passed! Where is something for the ultra modernists, those cool dudes who wear clothes that make them look like the residents of certain suburbs of Los Angeles, Ca, and who spend more time on their computers and mobile telephones than in erudite conversation with educated peers?”

“Ok,” we said, “a have you in mind?”

And she has come up with this-the 5G, which comprises: gin, grenadine, grapefruit juice, ginger beer and Galliano.

Take a well cooled cocktail shaker and add five or six ice cubes. Add two measures of gin, one of Galliano and one of fresh grapefruit juice. Shake well and pour with ice into a tumbler. Top up with cold ginger beer for taste. Decorate with a small twig of mint or borage.

Some correspondents have enquired if they may substitute the ginger beer with Guinness, but we do not recommend it.

Well, thank you Mrs Lee, and keep your suggestions coming. And the same goes for everyone else!

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