Centre for Women’s Justice-keeping a light burning in dark times

Amid the square parsecs of coverage on The Retreat from Kabul(2) and the endless discussions on, strategically, was it a Good Thing? or a Bad Thing?, the fact remains that on the ground, in Afghanistan, the forces of feminism have suffered a grievous blow. Life for women in there is going to get worse for a very, very long time. From that, it’s all too easy to sink into sorrow, culpability and despair. When that threatens, as any good psychiatrist will tell you, you need to find Hope from somewhere. And we have found it.

Thanks to the inestimable Channel 4 News, we have discovered the existence of a remarkable organisation called The Centre For Women’s Justice. Remarkable because they do what we believe to be central at LSS. Do something different but use sensible mainstream tools to do it. And their USP is to add tip top legal brains to all the different fights for rights going on everywhere. They cite the long list of abuses-rape, domestic violence, forced marriage, genital mutilation, the usual charge sheet. They admit that some advanced countries have passed laws against these atrocities. But without enforcement-holding the feet of Governments to the fire, so to speak-laws are just bits of paper in a dusty book of statutes. So, paraphrasing their own words, they

hold the state accountable for failures in the prevention of violence against women…..support groups who challenge individuals and laws that perpetuate such violence and , crucially: Undertake strategic litigation and facilitate legal assistance

A small start you might say after the disaster in Central Asia. But consider this; the most intelligent man we have ever met once told us that progress starts from well organised centres of excellence, and spreads out. This is as true of science and education as it is of sports teams. In the related field of animal rights, Arthur Schopenhauer was quick to recognise the pioneering work of British organisations like the RSPCA, whose ideas later went global. Feminists and all progressives round the world-here is a beacon and a template for you. We link below [1] but as you scroll, please remember there is a donate button for these people too!


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