Cocktail Night: The Pink Lady

LSS is read in many countries. So today we are truly proud to have out first international contribution. It’s from our old friend and colleague Marce Lee Gorman, a Forensic Scientist who is now based in Dublin. Clearly Marce thinks that if ever this wretched lockdown lifts, and you’re breezing through downtown Manhattan, then you should try a Pink Lady at Rosie O’Gradys. We link them below.*

What’s in it? Gin, Grenadine, Egg white
Where did you drink it?Rosie O’Gradys Irish Bar, Manhattan
Who were you withA work colleague
Why was cocktail goodJust fab: great colour in a martini glass 
What was going on around youGreat Fun
Who else likes/liked this one?I don’t know. It’s unique to me 

Personal note: Marce didn’t specify any music, so we’re going to take a chance and make a recommendation of our own: Rosalie by Thin Lizzy. In our humble Anglo-Saxon view they were the greatest Irish band ever. Move over U2 and the Pogues, and learn from the masters. Sláinte.

here’s a great recipe from the BBC

Pink lady cocktail recipe – BBC Good Food

here’s rosie o grady’s

Rosie O’Grady’s Restaurant | Irish Pub NYC | Manhattan Pub Food |

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