Maybe we need a few aliens to attack us right now

We at LSS always had short time for devotees of aliens, UFOs, Ancient Astronauts and Little Green Men. In youth, one avoided them at parties, as any further communication from them tended to arrive in green ink. So, with the broadmindedness that comes with extreme age we say hats off to Avi Loeb of Harvard University in his lonely battle to convince us that Oumuamua more commonly known as Il/2017/U1, which flew through the solar system a few years ago is in fact an alien spacecraft. We link the Mail‘s coverage below.

Good news, we say-because it may be just the medicine to solve the terrible divisions which wrack the world. Superpower rivalry, ethnic tensions, conspiracy theories-never have we been so divided against ourselves. But there is a way out.

No education in politics, psychology or philosophy is complete until one has read of the life and times of Jeeves, Bertie Wooster’s valet in the works of PG Wodehouse. Astute readers will recall how Jeeves uncanny knowledge of psychology saved many a tricky situation from cataclysmic disaster. For us, the classic exemplar was Right-Ho Jeeves. Bertie’s meddling had left a near terminal meltdown at previously tranquil Brinkley Court. The marriage of his Aunt Dahlia and Uncle Tom was on the point of collapse. Tuppy Glossop and Cousin Angela were no longer talking. The chances of any marriage between Gussie Fink-Nottle and Madeleine Basset were null and void. Brinkley Court was riven by the hatreds of warring factions. Then Anatole the Chef handed in his notice.

Into the situation stepped Jeeves. He knew that ultimately there is only one way to bring people together. Give them a common enemy. He provided one, in the shape of his employer, Bertram Wooster. In a short while he had contrived to turn Wooster into an object of common hatred, derision and scorn. The warring factions united. The marriage was saved. New engagements pledged. The cook resumed his duties. All was right with the world.

And so we believe that nothing would unite us all better than the arrival of hostile alien forces, either real or imagined. Our personal experience of aliens is rather limited. But it may be useful in general to think of them as the Clingon types from Star Trek One-malevolent baddies with nasty eyebrows and apres-ski outfits ever ready to do us down. So that we may at last unite the warring tribesmen of the ignorant and move forward to better things.

Harvard physicist believes Oumuamu is an alien craft, NOT a comet | Daily Mail Online

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2 thoughts on “Maybe we need a few aliens to attack us right now

  1. thanks jill

    you might have thought so-but do not forget that the hundred years war continued through the Black Death

    the central problem is what to do with the Tribesmen- those who think in tribes, not as problem solvers


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