Weekly round-up: the blind see, and the crippled may walk

Wisdom is better than rubies, and health than wealth, so they say. Old clichés, doubtless: but we agree with them. This week the round up is devoted to really encouraging new stories on health, plus a new feature-something to think about.

New Corneas for old- Blindness is a tragic affliction, and we welcome every cure. Stacy Liberatore in the Mail tells of work of Professor Irit Bahar of the Rabin Medical Centre in Israel. The Professor is pioneering the introduction of a corneal implant called Kpro, a new type of tissue. Early trials are a success-we beg you to read on.

Legally blind man regains sight following the first successful artificial cornea treatment | Daily Mail Online

Breakthrough in Nerve Cell Regeneration Stacey Liberatore strikes again! When we were young it was axiomatic on all life science courses that damaged nerve cells could never regenerate. And so the tragic fates of those with spinal damage, confined for life to wheelchairs. Using a genetically-engineered protein called hyper-interleukin-6 (yes, we know it’s a mouthful!) Dr Dietmar Fischer of the Ruhr University in Germany has started to get paralysed mice walking again. Of course it’s a long way to humans, but the technique seems sound. Here’s Stacey’s very clear article, again for the Mail:

Hope for millions as paralyzed mice walk again after just TWO WEEKS of breakthrough gene therapy | Daily Mail Online

Don’t You Forget About Me- Even simple minds will recall that the whole reason vaccines work is that they cause your immune system to remember a hostile protein from a virus , and so have your defences ready. There’s been a bit of a media lather since Christmas about how long the new vaccines will last, and if they will cope with the new variants. Fear and anxiety sell more papers than good news, but we will stick our necks out notwithstanding. Here’s Nature, via Science Daily on why you should give your immune system credit for being tougher and more resilient than some media commentators would have you think.

Immune system mounts a lasting defense after recovery from COVID-19, researchers find — ScienceDaily

Something to think about The first run of our new feature!

Anyone who has had the privilege to drive a Cadillac will recall the pleasure. But could it fly? Now General Motors have unveiled their project for a vertical take off version. Here’s the Mail on the recent show-off at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s battery powered and should move you around at 55 mph, building to building, in the world’s most crowded cities. We can’t wait for our friends to try it.

GM takes to skies with flying car concept unveiled at CES | Daily Mail Online

For those who got our little joke, here’s Simple Minds. Why is this our cat’s favourite song?

Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Bing video

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