Late summer ideas for cocktail night

As late summer draws on and the languid airs linger in the dusty leaves, as the humid nights begin to lengthen

(Get on with it, they haven’t got all day-ED)

Well, anyway, we thought you’d want some new recipes for August (more like it-ed) So, courtesy of that excellent journal Woman and Home, here are some for you to try on the patio or in the summerhouse

1 Fruitpicker’s Strawberry Iced Tea

Make 75 ml of strawberry iced tea, and cool. They say 35ml of gin-we say no need to be picky about the label! Slice up some strawberries and limes. Put the gin in a martini glass over crushed ice, then add enough strawberry tea to top up. Slices to garnish. Perfect for sophisticated sipping as the bats swoop through your undercroft.

2 Persian Rose Garden Fizz

From the ancient civilisations of the sunny Middle East, here’s a recipe for four

Pop 65 ml of pomegranate juice, plus 65 ml of orange juice, well chilled into champagne flutes and top up with a reasonably-priced champagne, also ice cold. Bollinger or Veuve Cliquot will do at a pinch, although Ms RS of Southend on Sea recommends something called prosecco, whatever that is. Now comes the clever bit- you balance a rose petal on the glass, which is filled with pomegranate seeds. Proper Omar Khayyam, or what?

3 Pink Grapefruit Mojito

They say this is one to clear the palate before your barbecue , so basically it just goes like this

In your shaker mix up 1 tablespoon of lime juice, 1 tablespoon maple syrup, 75ml of grapefruit juice, 50ml white rum, and big cubes of ice. Shake ’em ’til you break ’em, as they say. Pour to a cocktail glass, taking the ice with it. Top with cool soda water if you need to, and garnish with mint leaves and grapefruit slices.

We thank Mrs Christine Hartley of Sussex for tonight’s ideas

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