What the readers saw -and more

Well, a lot of it’s coronavirus again, but we sort of think its important and so do a lot of you, so here goes. We owe a lot of today’s ideas to the tireless media hunting of Mr Gary Herbert of Buckinghamshire.

How is Coronavirus going around the world? Is it carried by things as well as people? According to the Mail. China has found samples of Sars-CoV-2 on imported chicken wings. Think about the implications of that one on the world economy.


Vaccines are our best hope, not just for Covid-19 but also for the common cold virus. Never forget the power of synergy. The skills and learning you develop in one area can easily be used in another! Here New Scientist discuss the latest on vaccine research for colds.


The debate on the Swedish Strategy, so different from most countries, just won’t go away. We at LSS have always been amused how the Social Democratic Swedes have become the poster boys of the arch libertarian Right in the Anglo Saxon countries. Plus ca change!


And finally, just to change the subject. When we were young, it was taught that everything outside Earth was a lifeless, frozen desert. Then water started popping up everywhere. Mars, Europa, Enceladus, Pluto, even the good old Moon. The latest candidate is tiny Ceres, as this piece from the Guardian shows. Always expect the unexpected, as Barcelona found out recently against Bayern Munich!


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