Afghan women-the bravest of the brave

How do you negotiate with people like the Taliban, particularly when the the latter are in well organised groups and armed with Kalashnikovs and RPGs? That’s the problem facing Farahnaz Forotan and the women of Afghanistan now that their Government and the US are aiming to bring the Taliban in as partners in a national coalition government.

Most people will have heard of the Taliban, archtype of fundamentalist Islamic thinking., As they are going to be a coalition party, a flavour of their history and ideas is found in the Wikipedia link below. It will give some idea of what a Taliban election manifesto might look like, particularly on issues like the flying of kites and education. Whatever your thoughts on the Taliban, Sharia Law and Womens’ Rights, there is a real risk that the situation of women could deteriorate alarmingly.

In a piece in The Guardian, Ruchi Kumar details the brave struggle of Farahnaz and thousands of women like her. Their struggle is our struggle.

#afghanistan #taliban #womensrights #sharialaw #education

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