What wine did they drink at the Last Supper?

Last Supper, Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci
source pixabay

What wine did Jesus and his disciples drink at the last supper? Did they really drink wine? Would you like it if you tried it today?

Below, we link to two excellent articles which give a delightful insight into what must have really happened. For me, the key points are that wine making was such an old tradition in Jerusalem-it preceded Jesus by at least 2000 years. Secondly, that the Roman Empire possessed a vast network of vineyards, grape varieties and wine trading. And that the rich imagery of the Bible, which abounds in metaphors of wine, lambs and harvests evokes a simple Mediterranean agricultural economy-wine, bread, cheese, olives, and abundances of fruits and vegetables. Rather like we find when we go on holiday to Greece or Spain today. (well…yesterday!) Spoiler alert: the wine may well have been flavoured with herbs and spices, a bit like Vermouth or Dubonnet!

here are your references. Happy Reading

Robin Shreeves at Mother Nature Network suggests the wine was a bit like modern Italian Amarone


Kashmira Gander of the Independent also has a charming article, and has really gone to town on the experts.


and if you want a good discussion on wine in the Roman Empire, there’s always good ol’ Wikipedia, one of the great institutions of the twenty first century


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