Does the covid 19 virus return after you’ve been cured?

We thank Mr Peter Seymour of Hertfordshire for drawing our attention to a truly remarkable piece of journalism from the Telegraph, written by Rozina Sabur.

For it raises the following questions, to which we shall be returning again in the next blog. Essentially, Rozina asks

What does Recovered mean? What tests were done initially? Are the same tests used now? How reliable are tests? Does the disease come back? Or can you be infected again? If so, why? What exactly are the tests picking up? And how many people have not been “re-infected”-if that is what is truly going on?

Questions, questions, and more questions. Yet the article is trying to explain what we may expect in the next couple of years. With massive implications for movement of people, and how quickly we can resume economic activity. And remember this- South Korea is our example of best practice. What happens when this thing hits poorer countries?

I post this article below. I beg you to read it. We shall try to look at some of the issues raised in due course.

#SouthKorea #coronavirustesting #reinfection #SARSCOVID2 #RozinaSabur

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