Did the UK Government do enough to prepare for the Coronavirus outbreak?

Virus, Pathogen, Infection, Biology

It is not often that we see an article so well written , passionate and scintillating that you HAVE to read it. Yet such is the case of Dr Richard Horton (editor of The Lancet) who writes in today’s Guardian. See link below.

It is not our place to agree or disagree with every point which Dr Horton makes. But every concerned citizen should think about these points that he makes.

Were repeated warnings ignored? (1994, 1998, 2004(Sars), 2013, 2014(Ebola)

Was the famous policy of Austerity to blame for fatally undermining the public realm?

Did UK Government Committee Nervtag make a fatal wrong call on 21st February 2020?

Have NHS workers been pushed too far, both physically and psychologically?


#coronavirus #sars #RichardHorton #Lancet

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