Weekly Round up: Strikes, Europa, mass shootings, Catalonian Drought, and Beethoven Blues

stories we thought to be of more than passing significance

A generational divide It’s not that we always revere opinion pieces in The Guardian. But sometimes one of them goes to the heart of the matter. The last thirteen years have seen a massive switch of wealth from young to old in the UK, with dire economic and political consequences. Is it happening where you live?


From Europe to Europa Rising powers go in big for exploration. Signs that this may be happening in Europe came this week with the successful launch of the JUICE mission, which will show up at Jupiter in 2034. The maths of how you get it to orbit three moons at once is beyond us! Nature Briefings makes all clear

Today, the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) successfully launched on its eight-year journey to Jupiter, where it will study three of the planet’s four Galilean moons: Ganymede, Callisto and Europa. The launch required a precise lift-off time to insert the spacecraft into the correct orbit around the Sun: exactly 12:14 UT. “There is no launch window, only one launch instant,” said programme director and launch operator Véronique Loisel.

The European Space Agency’s spacecraft will be the first to orbit a moon of another planet when it circles Ganymede in search of a hidden ocean beneath the icy surface. A complex manoeuvre around the Sun and Earth will slingshot JUICE towards the outer Solar System. The mission will eventually end with a crash landing on Ganymede’s surface.Nature | 6 min read

Mass shootings explained The plague of mass shootings in the United states is doing that country immense damage. No wonder many countries look askance at alliances with such a system. And at a personal level, we know many who no longer go there for holidays. Before America can confront this haunting devil, it must understand it. Here’s one possible route from The Conversation


Climate Change Catalan Style If there is one nation that’s always punched above its weight economically and culturally, it’s Catalonia. But even the “Swiss of Spain” aren’t exempt from the ravages of climate change, as the BBC shows. If it can happen to them, it can happen to anyone!


Beethoven Blues We thought we’d leave you with something thoughtful this week. Beethoven’s piano sonata no 8 (pathetique) is full of intriguing little touches, bringing the best out of its players, if they’re to do it right!


have a good weekend

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