Friday Night Cocktails: Guest slots are our thing

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to throw open Friday Night Cocktails slot to guests. We’ve done a few of these in the past, and now some more pals are stepping up to the plate. It won’t just be cocktails per se-not everyone likes them, after all. But they will be telling us all about their favourite drink, and why they like it. We’ve already got three lined up; but consider this. Why couldn’t YOU be number four? Of course there will be no prize, as we prefer to spend the money on ourselves. But you will be joining, and contributing to, that select band, the readers of LSS who constitute the cream of the elite of the top 3% of the cutting edge of the world’s most erudite and stylish persons. And, by penning a few simple notes, you will at once be deepening and strengthening that community. We can’t make a fairer offer than that.

So, send us your ideas, and for the next few weeks look out for some elegant and stylish guest writers, for whom The Atlantic would give their eye teeth Talking of which, our recommendation this week is Sharp’s Atlantic Pale Ale, sold widely in every eatery from Brown’s to the Toby Carvery and to which we link below


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