Weekly Round Up: Megathreats, poor leaders, neurobiology, ancient China and why foxhunting is at the heart of Government

stories that caught our eye this week

Megathreats Why believe Nouriel Roubini? because he was the dude who accurately predicted the 2007-08 crash, that’s why. Now his new book identifies ten trends that imperial our future. In his own words” expect many dark days”


All Trussed Up Inept leaders are always more interesting than the able ones . Latest on the list is UK Prime Minister Liz Truss, but the lessons here can be applied to many, many countries.


Neurobiology Advances again Sufferers from terrible neurological diseases such as MS, MNR and the rest have always elicited our utmost sympathies. So we welcome every advance in neurological techniques such as the one below. And, who knows-it may help those injured in terrible accidents as well.

Miniature human-brain-like structures transplanted into rats can send signals and respond to environmental cues. Researchers grew the structures from human stem cells and then injected them into the brains of newborn rat pups. After six months, the organoids became fully integrated into the rat brains. The approach could lead to a way to test therapies for human brain disorders. But some researchers have ethical concerns about such experiments: creating rodent–human hybrids could harm the animals or produce animals with human-like brains.Nature | 5 min read
Reference: Nature paper

On the Silk Road Sometimes things from history grip our imagination. Nothing more so than the Silk Road, that vast network of trade routes crossing mountains and deserts that seems almost as old as Civilisation. New discoveries in Wenzhou suggest how extensive it was, The finds date from the Song and Yuan dynasties. They corresponded roughly to our own European High Middle Ages, from about 960 AD to about 1368 AD.


Larry the Intrepid Fox Hunter Larry, the feline resident of No 10 Downing Street was anxious to prove that someone in there is still doing their job. In the middle of a major political and economic crisis he still found time to see off an intruding fox. Can your cat do this?


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