Weekly Round Up: Imperial woes for Putin,hijabs

Russia’s waning influence Even after the fall of the USSR, Russia held a strong influence in that belt of republics which stretches all the way from Moldova to Tadjikstan. But as happens to many imperial powers an overconcentration of resources to one point (Ukraine) means other subjects see their chance to start kicking over the traces. You should have thought things through more, Vlad! We thank Mr Peter Seymour for this story


Why you shouldn’t read this blog Earlier this week we commented on Iran’s drastic persecution of women who refuse to wear the Hijab. But now Balsam Mustafa, writing in the Conversation, tells the whole tale much more fully: there’s plenty of good links here too if you want to go further


Throw away that telescope We possess an astronomical telescope which we keep in the summer house for use on fine evenings, accompanied by a few cold beers and cubes of fine cheese of course. Yet despite the assurances of the man who sold it to us, the images it produces are small, indistinct and of negligible scientific value. That is compared to the marvellous new James Webb telescope, whose accomplishments already stun and delight. This piece from Nature Briefings shows distant Neptune and its moons; but expect much more, and soon.

This image of Neptune’s spectacular rings (tell them to click on the link-edwas taken with the James Webb Space Telescope’s Near Infrared Camera. The camera captures infrared light, which has been mapped into the visible spectrum in this image. The bright spots in and near the rings are some of Neptune’s moons, including Galatea, Despina, Larissa and Proteus.Scientific American | 5 min read

Buzz Stops for bees Everyone should be doing more for bees, those benign but deeply threatened guardians of the ecosphere. We always have plenty of lavender and wild mixes. Now the Guardian reports a charming idea- if every bus stop roof were turned into a bee garden, how many of the creatures might thrive? And how many other creatures might no longer flutter by?


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