Friday Night Cocktails for the Super Rich

British readers, we can save most of you a great deal of time today. Because our little blog is all about cocktail advice to the very, very rich. And, as a result of today’s financial reforms by our Chancellor Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, the chances are very high that you won’t be able to afford any of today’s cocktails. For example, if you earn £20 000 a year his tax cuts will afford you a meagre £157.00 a year in our declining currency. Not a great deal to go out and splurge with, is it? So stop reading now.

But…if you are one of those few readers who earns £1000 000 a year, read on. For the same chancellor’s fiscal generosity means you will trouser an extra £55 220 a year. Which means you will want to go out and celebrate, and we have just the list here to do it with; The World’s Ten Most Expensive Cocktails. It’s courtesy of the web site The Richest and their author Sammy Said. [1] Be advised-We admit that Sam’s post is from 2013 and his prices are in dollars. So, what with the pound falling and all that, UK readers will have to make adjustments; rather drastic ones in the months ahead we fear!

Anyway, we’ve picked out five from Sam’s list of ten; to find out more we strongly advise that you go click on his full list. So why not sit back, get a poor person to mix one for you, and muse on this question for Mr Kwarteng “Why is it that to make the rich work harder, you have to give them more money, but to make the poor work harder, you have to give them less money?” Odd indeed.

CocktailPrice $ 2013Where Mixed
Kentucky Derby Mint Julep$1000Churchill Downs Kentucky
Mcallan Single Malt$4000Bur Al Arab Dubai
Diamond Cocktail$ 4350Sheraton Park Hotel London
Martini on the Rock$10 000Algonquin Hotel NY
Diamonds are Forever$22 500Ritz Carlton Tokyo


statistics: The resolution foundation

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