Weekly Round Up: Petulance, Mangroves, Russians, Mastodons and DNA

interesting ones from this week

Ad Feminem attack A sure sign that someone is losing an argument is when they resort to aggressive abuse and name calling. An example is the woman Marjorie Taylor Greene who came up against the far more intelligent and better informed Siobhan Kennedy of Channel 4 news. Daily Mail:


Mangroves against global warming * Sometimes a simple and cheap use of Nature can be the most effective way to combat global warming as this pioneering project from Karachi shows. Time


A Japanese Warning to Vladimir Putin* The intro to this piece from the Atlantic says it all, Be careful what you wish for, Vlad baby!

“The Russo-Japanese War led not just to an immediate revolution, but to deeper and longer-lasting change years later.”


At this point we are going to interrupt the Blog and shout “BUY THE ATLANTIC!” It is beyond all possible praise

Elephant’s Memory It’s always fascinating when a fossil seems to realise the actual life and death of a particular animal at a particular time. From Nature

Chemical signatures inscribed in an ancient tusk tell a mastodon’s life story — from his adolescent years to his premature death around 13,200 years ago. Researchers matched the chemical signatures in the tusks of an American mastodon (Mammut americanum) with those from his home range in what is now Indiana. They found that, as an adult, he travelled to mastodon mating grounds every year in the spring and summer. It was there, at 34 years of age, that he met his end, probably from a skull puncture during a battle with another bull.The New York Times | 4 min read & Nature Research Highlight | 1 min read (Nature paywall)
Reference: PNAS paper

DNA code re writes One thing all other scientists learn-when the DNA boys ride into town, they are going to shake things up. Here they are in the field of Evolutionary biology The Conversation

* we thank Mr Peter Seymour for these stories

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