Friday Night Cocktails: A Dapper Guide to Limoncello

Italy has given the world many great things. The Roman Empire. Virgil. The Renaissance. Petrarch. Pasta. Primitivo. Inspector Montalbano. But up there with the best is Limoncello, the delicious drink that is the basis for so many great cocktails.

And what a site our researchers have found for you to explore it! It’s called The Bespoke Unit, describing itself as ” A guide to the dapper life” How about that as a summary of the philosophy of LSS and its myriad readership!

On Limoncello alone they wax as lyrical as any Dante or Camilleri. Apparently, Limoncello is

“…… is essentially a liqueur that is made by macerating lemon peels in neutral grain spirit alcohol for several weeks. The peels are removed and the alcohol is diluted with water and sugar.”

That said, they go on to range of delicious ideas, including aperitifs, substitutes and variations based on other fruits grown in the warm groves of sunny Italy. But time is limited, so we will pick their list of ten cocktails, which includes the Limoncello Gin Cocktail, the Amalfi Mule, the Limoncello Sorbet and the Good Luck Charm. Happy Mixing

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