Ginger Cocktails for Prince Harry

Today we devote our cocktail page to the life and times of Henry Charles Albert Davis Mountbatten-Windsor, known to the readers of popular magazines and newspapers as Prince Harry Duke of Sussex, who has been in the news lately, somewhat. Harry and his wife Meghan Markle belong to the whole world; so what follows is definitely anthropology not British navel gazing.

For reasons we do not understand, this rich but essentially unremarkable couple have fallen dreadfully foul of the right-wing British tabloids. Odd: when we were young their readers used to toast his impeccable CV. Privately educated at Eton, best of regiments (Blues and Royals) and on to a seemingly raffish life of a young aristocrat on the social scene. Allegations about flings with young ladies were greeted with a knowing smirk and a wink of the if-only-it- were-me kind. Suddenly, around the time of his betrothal to Meghan, all changed, both with the media and his family. And has stayed dire ever since.

So, purely in the interests of balance, we are going to base our cocktail selection on Harry. Balance it, as t’were, on his fine mane of ginger hair (couldn’t do this for brother William!) And the site we have chosen is the incredibly aptly-named Make me a cocktail– [1] Its beautifully presented and photographed pages will give you the details, making them another must for fun lovers of all social classes and backgrounds everywhere. They’ve got lots and lots of good ones, so we have simply picked out the best mixes.

Ginger smash That’s Harry alright! A delicious tropical mix of lime juice apple liqueur and dark rum, whose gingery bit comes from the strips of that plant cunningly introduced click now for more!

Azaadi Refreshing mix of pineapple juice, Cointreau ,dark rum and naturally made ginger juice Will get all couples clicking glasses.

Tropical fruit punch Lime, pineapple and orange juices, kicked to life with a real slug of rum. Looks good, tastes good and by golly it does you good, or so we found

The Harvest Sparkle Complex mix of honey, prosecco, ginger and bourbon Sounds like a nice full taste for the discerning connoisseur!

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