Namibian Rock shows Putin’s got it all wrong

We often wax lyrical here about new advances in computing (LSS passim). And how even the most advanced AI system may soon be rendered obsolete by its smarter sister, quantum computing. Now David Nield of Science Alert [1] reports how a humble Namibian rock may contain just the right compound to make quantum computers real. How so? Apparently it contains Cuprous Oxide (Cu2O) which if cut thin will allow the formation of Rydberg Polaritons. As anybody in the Dog and Duck will tell you, these are complicated quantum phenomena which are simultaneously light and matter. Don’t worry too much about the physics. The point is such an entity will store any value between 0 and 1, unlike boring old digital computers which can only do 0 and 1. The way is truly open to a revolution in computer speeds, and hence marvellous possibilities in things like nuclear fusion, health and food production.

So what has all this got to do with ol’ Pooters? Well you may have noticed he has started a brutal destructive war. Why ? Because his mind is wedded to an ancient, primitive doctrine of conquering land. Who holds the biggest bit of land is best,. The Top Banana. Mr Big. Some say it all goes back to the nineteenth century, but we think it probably dates back to Australopithecus. The possibility that science and technology might offer a better life to us all just does not occur to him. He has drawn all of us into a sterile process of death and destruction, whereas we might have such possibilities. That is why he must be stopped.


#putin #quantum computers #artifical intelligence #ukraine

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