Weekly round up: Loch Ness Monster, Anti-semitism, artificial eyes, coral reefs

stories which we think will have a lasting impact

Here’s what science can do The dream of restoring sight tom the blind is one the most inspiring we know. If you get enough scientists, doctors and other educated people into teams, this is what they can achieve. From the Mail staff


Pristine Coral Reef discovered near Tahiti It’s not all doom and gloom as this little clipping from Nature shows

Scientists at UNESCO, the United Nations cultural organization, have discovered a pristine coral reef, undisturbed for at least 25 years, off the coast of Tahiti. The reef is 3 kilometres long and 30 metres below the ocean’s surface — deeper than most known coral reefs. There could be many more reefs at similar depths, which scientists think might help these ecosystems to better survive climate change. “It was like a work of art,” said underwater photographer Alexis Rosenfeld. “Giant, beautiful rose corals stretching as far as the eye can see.”BBC | 3 min read


Anti-semitism The conspiracy theorist’s conspiracy theory Jonathan D Sarna looks at the oldest conspiracy theory of all for The Conversation Others have followed, providing equal opportunities for cranks and sociopaths large and small. Time for the educated to start seriously looking at the psychological and economic roots of deluded beliefs, we think.

Another blow for Nessie A new investigation deepens the credibility crisis for the Loch Ness Monster and his legions of adoring followers. (Thought-does this remind you of someone else, further south?) We were among those who doubted him from the start. Loch Ness is only about fifteen thousand years old, whereas the last plesiosaur went belly up at least 65 million years ago. But, Nessie fans, hold your heads up! Because it looks like your poster boy couldn’t.

with contributions from Mr Peter Seymour

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