Friday Night Cocktails: It’s criminal to waste old Baileys

Among the Convivial Community, no Christmas is complete without a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur on hand. Its dark rich tones and creamy, yet slightly rasping combination of savours fits well into a world of twinkling lights and roaring log fires. But what do do in austere January as the harsh winds of new resolutions and repaid debts make a three-quarters empty Christmas bottle of Baileys suddenly forlorn and out of place, like a Rolls Royce Phantom on a Lidl forecourt?

Fortunately, Baileys themselves have come galloping to the rescue. The company’s website is a veritable cornucopia of recipes for Baileys. There are cocktails, warm beverages, biscuits, desserts, coffee combinations and many other ideas which are a tribute to powers of human imagination and ingenuity. So many so that all we can do is urge you to click on the site link below [1]. Meanwhile we will pick out a couple of the more notable cocktails, of which we severely liked the look.

Flat white martini Nice and simple-just Baileys, Vodka, espresso and a few coffee beans. We still remember this at what was then our local boozer in Hammersmith on Valentines Night 2003. Strongly recommended.

Baileys Tiramisu Talking of Valentines Night, what lady would not like this rather clever combination of favourite dessert/favourite tipple? A cunning plan for selling the next bottle, we suspect!

Chocolate Orange s’mores martini cocktail Certainly needs a little more labour to go in before you can start the drinking. But surely the way to appease your puritan new year conscience.

The LSS Baileys recycle special. Not on the website, but our own invention designed to push back the limits of resource recycling and thrifty use of every possible drop. Take 1 measure of Irish Whiskey and pour it down the neck of your Baileys bottle. Replace cap on bottle and shake. Pour the remnants into cocktail glasses over ice. How’s that for economy?

We’re sure you will find other sites and other excellent recipes. Our efforts are entirely designed to get you stared. If it’s criminal to waste food, it must be to waste drink. Old Baileys is just the place to start your virtuous new year of recycle, make and mend. Cheers!


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