Battery Breakthrough Batters Climate Deniers -again

Back in the early days of climate science denial, one of the deniers’ specious claims was that renewables like wind and solar energy were impracticable. Batteries could never store enough energy made in the good times (when the sun shone, for example) to last through the night, they claimed. As a result it would be impossible to store medicines in hot countries and everyone there would die of any number of terrible diseases. How would you like that on your conscience, Climate Scientist?

Batteries have come on marvellously in the last fifteen years. Look how your mobile phone has changed before you climb into your electric car, if you don’t believe us. But now research from Australia suggests they are about to get a whole lot better. Researchers at the University of Adelaide in Australia have harnessed the power of quantum superabsorption which will allow the construction of batteries of unprecedented efficiency in the not-too-distant future. Quantum what? Yes, well, our subatomic physics is a little rusty too. So we’ve got two links for you, which give you a choice of the depth you need, and enough hyperlinks to go further if you so wish. [1] Is Anthony Cutherbertson of The Independent and [2] is Crispin Savage of Phys. org.

The specious appeal to “practical reason” is often employed by deniers. The aim is cast doubt into gullible minds, or ones that think too quickly and with emotion rather than reason. Next time you read one of their posts-remember how wrong they were on batteries. They always will be.



Thanks to Peter Seymour for this post

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3 thoughts on “Battery Breakthrough Batters Climate Deniers -again

  1. I read your blog just after listening to the podcast “Think with Pinker” entitled “The Climate Game” which features Bill Gates. Unlike his super-rich buddies, Bill invests his money in projects to improve the World such as eradicating malaria. In this programme he correctly says that we will cope with Climate Change but investing in new technologies such as the battery innovation you suggest. Its worth a listen. I think I would rather live in a Bill Gates future than a Mark Zuckerburg Metaverse.


  2. Perhaps I ought to add, for balance, that other billionaires do give to charity and most are signed up to giving a proportion of their wealth to good causes; but my point is that Bill Gates seems to be more committed to seeing these projects through, rather than just paying money- it is the difference between playing football for Man Utd and playing for the shirt…..


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