Viruses and Neuropathologies : there’s something out there alright


When we speculated on the link between MS and Epstein-Barr virus, we didn’t realise just how far behind the curve we were, Until we heard from Gaynor Lynch, one of our oldest friends, whose comment (see LSS 15 1 2022) is a tour de force of learning and links. We honestly urge you to read it. There is an abundance of studies which are starting to link the presence of viruses to all sorts of chronic disorders.

We are simply going to cherry pick a few of Gaynor’s leads, and hope that you will follow up for yourselves. So, in no particular order:

Are viruses implicated? Yes, in at least seven cases, including Multiple sclerosis, celiac disease and lupus. Don’t overlook genetic and environmental factors as well. We thought this paper from Very Well Health, by Adrienne Dellwo makes a good jumping-off point, but there’s a vast underbrush of literature on this subject.

Guillain-Barre syndrome is in there too At least one study links a sort of creeping paralysis called Guillain-Barre syndrome, or something rather like it, to West Nile Virus. OK, this may be a rare case for now. So was the first infection with Sars-Cov-2. Maybe if NATO and Mr Putin buried the hatchet, maybe some of that defence money might be better spent here?

Are women overlooked? As Gaynor tells us:

There is a gender bias in that women are disproportionately more affected than men. Sadly, historically women have often not had their health issues taken seriously and their conditions have described as general malaise or hypochondria

To which we can only add a weary “no surprise there, then!” The neglect of women and their health has cost us trillions in lost economic opportunities. Surely men can see that it is in their own interest to right this injustice? Surely not all of them the read The Sun?

There’s a lot, lot more in Gaynor’s riposte. Nearly every sentence will lead you off somewhere fruitful. But we hope that the above presents some sort of start.

#epstein-barr #virus #auto-immune disease #multiple sclerosis #glandular fever

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