Weekly Round Up: fuel crises, antibiotics, start ups, vaccine refusers and hotels in space

Well, we think they’re more than run of the mill!

Fuel prices If we had been really serious about renewables around 2015, we wouldn’t be in this mess now. As Michael Bradshaw explains in The Conversation. Tell them that in Kazahkstan.


Antibiotics and a virus, yet? You should never waste antibiotics on viral diseases, or so we have been told. But there is intriguing evidence of an Egyptian study which may give pause for thought. Mostafa Rateb for the Conversation explains all:


Lessons from the Theranos debacle That most admirable of publications, Nature, points out that the only salvage from this mess will be to learn lessons. Here’s how, they think:

Elizabeth Holmes has been found guilty of fraud against investors in her blood-testing company, Theranos. Holmes was acquitted on charges related to defrauding patients. Theranos claimed it could run more than 200 health tests on just a few drops of blood taken from a finger prick — but the claims were exaggerated. The story has become a cautionary tale for blood-diagnostics companies and scientists with entrepreneurial interests. In particular, it reminds executives at start-up firms to share their data early on, and participate in some kind of peer-review process, say experts.Nature | 5 min read

Understanding the unjabbed John Harris is one of the most thoughtful, listening journalists of the last ten years. He still thinks it would be crass to sanction vaccine rejectos, wahtever we think of them. Here’s why:


At last, a cocktail bar in space! Followers of this blog’s cocktail column (LSS passim) will slaver at the thought of a real bar in outer space. As the poor old ISS creaks to the end of its working life, commercial replacements offer exciting vistas. Here’s Ryan Morrison for the Mail:


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