Friday Night Cocktails: this year’s colour

And so it is…….every year has a must have an “it” colour. According to the cognoscenti, this year it’s periwinkle blue. [1] To us, the humble periwinkle (Vinca minor) is just another garden flower, useful no doubt in the right bed or pot. But whose purply blue shade will dominate the catwalks, dress design workshops, accessories, Prime Ministerial drawing rooms and the covers of every magazine in vogue in ’22. Unless something goes wrong in the Ukraine and we all end up in khaki, that is.

So to celebrate the choice of the Fashion Industry, our cocktails are designed to let bring the best out of your clothes, by either matching or contrasting this year’s shade de mode, according to the science of colour matching.

Matches We found it hard to get the precise shade of the periwinkle. But here’s two nice blue ones which are near as dammit, and have the advantage that we haven’t covered them before.

Drunken Mermaid We can’t do better than recommend a website called I am Baker [2] which lays out la vida y milagros, as the Spanish say, of this cocktail at considerable length. Basically it’s a mix of Blue Curacao, vodka, syrup and lime juice over ice which should give you a good blue tint.

China Blue [3] This one might suddenly turn topical! A glance at the superb Diffords Guide website will reveal the precise recipe, but basically you’re mixing lychee liqueur, blue curacao, grapefruit juice and lemon juice. Warning: could get lost next to Carrie Jonson’s latest handbag-if there were any social events in Downing Street, that is!

Contrasts If you can’t match, contrast. According to the experts the best contrast to periwinkle blue is a strong brash orange. So, following our redoubtable Ultimate Cocktail Book from Hamlyn, we recommend the Luigi. Put three ice cubes in a mixing glass. Add one measure of fresh orange juice, 1 of dry vermouth.0.5 measures of Cointreau, 1 measure of grenadine and 2 of clear gin. Stir and por mix into a standard cocktail glass, sans ice and decorate with a slice of orange. Honestly, we’ve really tried this, a lot, and it’s delicious.

other ideas: Harvey Wallbanger, stormy weather, gin tropical.

So now you can sip your cocktail while relaxing in the sure knowledge that you are matched to twenties fashion to the highest degree. Until next year, that is.




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