Weekly Round Up: Renewing Beaches, Elephants, Colds and getting high

stories which will last for more than one week

Fight on the Beaches The inexorable rise of sea levels caused by global warming is starting to sweep away profitable areas of the tourism industry. British company CCell is looking at a range of solutions including artificial coral reefs, no less. Great export potential.


we thank Mr Lindsay Charlton of Kent for this story

Evolution in Action-quickly How quickly are inherited traits selected for? It’s always been the great unknown in evolutionary theory. Now a study of African Elephants suggest that population genetics can change vary rapidly in response to selection pressure. Nature explains how Hunting led to Tuskless elephants

In Mozambique, the selective poaching of elephants with tusks has led to a higher number of females being born without them. During the country’s civil war, from the late 1970s to early 1990s, hunting annihilated the African savanna elephant (Loxodonta africana) population in Gorongosa National Park. Before the war, about 18.5% of females born there were naturally tuskless — a trait that made them undesirable to poachers. Among the 91 female elephants that have been born since the war, that fraction has risen to 33%.Nature | 4 min read

Cold Comfort Everyone will give you advice about how to cure a cold-but do folk remedies work? Duane Mellor and James Brown (No, not the singer) check out a few for The Conversation


CRISPR explained Several readers have complained that although we have been singing the praises of CRISPR for years, we have haven’t done a very good job of explaining what it actually is. So we point you all to this excellent explanation from the Live Science website-and hope to make you all visit them more often.


The High Life How high can you go and still get a decent night’s sleep and a good breakfast in the morning? Here’s a list of the world’s highest places to stay. You’ll be gasping when you read the altitude of No.1-and that’s before you get there. Take it away, thrill list


Anyone for Bournemouth? See you next week.

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