Friday Night: Champagne on the Cunarders

Gentle readers, remember how several times we at LSS have alluded to both Champagne and the old art deco ocean Liners as the ne plus ultra of the cocktail experience? How we ourselves had sipped more than one in the First Class Bar of the old Queen Mary? (which, mercifully, was firmly anchored in Long Beach) Consult our archives if you wish-they are full of good stuff.

Well for your further pleasure this Friday evening we humbly present the work of the excellent Ted Thornhill, Travel Editor of the Mail, no less, with his riff on the great ships and the old bubbly, or posh peoples’ lager, as it’s sometimes known. We won’t steal Ted’s thunder- but it’s full of eye-watering figures, grave preparations for War, marvellous photos, and intriguing menus, a bit like the one we showed you in an earlier blog on this site. Here, ladies and gentlemen, is at once your inspiration and your homework. Enjoy, with a glass or two of your own. Be alert and ready for Round Up tomorrow.

#cunard #oceanliners #champagne #cocktail

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