Tigers-time we posted a nice story

“Oh no,” we hear you groan ” not another gloomy LSS post, telling us off for our failings!” a regular refrain from readers as we berate you for not doing enough on antibiotics/global warming/education or even generally sprucing up and improving your moral outlook. Or saying how bad everything’s getting. You know.

Well that means its time for a good fun story about a real success. Tigers are not just emblematic animals (they regularly top polls for world’s favourite animal) but their existence guarantees the survival of vast, carbon swallowing forests such as in the Himalayas or the Sundarbans. We all know that their population has been in freefall since the start of the last century. Now it seems that valiant efforts to preserve wild populations are at last succeeding. No organisation has done more to achieve this than the World Wide Fund for Nature and today we link to their latest magazine. Of course we highlight the article Bringing Back the Roar by Mike Unwin, but the whole thing is an easy hit of good positive stories and great pictures from around the globe.

Tigers are nor saved yet, but many of the problems are now those of success, like integrating wild tigers with people and linking up parks and habitats. There are some big hitters on board including the World Bank and Vladimir Putin, no less, who will chair a big conference in Vladivostok on “next steps” in 2022. We have asked you to put your hands in your pockets before, but if there is one outfit that’s truly on the side of the angles, it has to be WWF. And remember-saving wild habitats actually saves you, in the long run.

Action-Mag-Summer-2021.pdf (wwf.org.uk)

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