Weekly round up: Wet worlds, dry world, life skills

Here’s some stories that intrigued us and might add to your reading, in between football matches of course.

Ten Best Places to look for life When we were young, the possibility of extra terrestrial life in the solar system was sneered at. Now opinion is swinging the other way. Astrobiologists with a strong interest in betting will love the odds on this survey by Neev V Patel of MIT technology Review, via Nature of course!

Finding life in the Solar System isn’t just about how likely life is to exist — it’s about how easy it would be to spot it. Space journalist Neel V. Patel offers his ranking of the 10 best places in our stellar neighbourhood to look for extraterrestrial life.Technology Review | 11 min read

The best places to find extraterrestrial life in our solar system, ranked | MIT Technology Review

When the rivers run dry Drought could be a really big consequence of runaway climate change. The problem will be mass migration from devastated lands. Here’s two stories from the Guardian, but most outlets are picking up on this one at last. Fiona Harvey looks at the global problem, and a leader is devoted to some brilliant reporting on how it’s playing out in the one region: The American Southwest.

‘The next pandemic’: drought is a hidden global crisis, UN says | Drought | The Guardian

The drought in US south-west is the worst in 1,200 years. It might be here to stay | Kim Heacox | The Guardian

Teaching Life Skills One of the things about having a garden is that it teaches you life skills. A day in the garden will require planning: What really needs doing and what can I better leave until next week? Organisation: where shall I put my tools so that I can find them? (the alternative is hours looking for a hoe) That things sometimes go wrong Yes, I took down that oak tree well, but what cruel fate made it crash through the greenhouse? And how do I explain that to my wife? We think teaching practical skills to children at an early age will equip them to become better laboratory workers and managers later. Teachers, we offer you some ideas from Thought.co website, just as a starting point

Ideas for Teaching Life Skills in School (thoughtco.com)

That’s it for the week. We’re off to enjoy the one on outer space, before the next bout of the Euros kicks in. Enjoy your weekend too.

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