Haters take heart-the future offers glorious opportunites for racism

News that President Biden is to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma * to commemorate the victims of the notorious 1921 race massacre will doubtless cuse alarm amd despondency in many quarters. Because it suggests that some people are starting to learn from the mistakes of the past and trying not to repeat them. Those who relish “the narcissism of small differences” * to stir up hatred and conflict will see it as a notch up against them. But don’t despair haters- your time is really coming, and it will be in Space.

How so? Well, it’s all a question of gravity. If humanity starts to build colonies on nearby planets, as seems likely, history shows that these will very quickly become self-sustaining, producing children of their own. If the gravity of the Earth is taken as 1.0, that of Mars will be 0.379. Future Martians will quickly adapt to this new gravity, rapidly becoming so weak relative to earth gravity that they will never be able to return to their ancestral planet. Their children will become very tall indeed, perhaps three or more meters, and will lack all desire and ability to mate with the sturdy dwarves of planet Earth. The Lunar situation will become even more exaggerated. Its gravity comes in at a miniscule 0.165. You can work the rest out for yourselves, including for other nearby bodies, and zero gravity space stations.

In fact we are probably anticipating the rise of new species, not races. Biologists know that different races can still produce fertile offspring. What separates species is that they can no longer breed with each other.

The opportunities for hatred, suspcion and mutual rivalry among several different species, all equipped with nuclear weapons, are dazzling indeed. Of course the old differences that are so relished in the twenty first century, for example black and white, arab and jew, tutsi and hutu, rad fems and trans activists….(that’s enough conflicts-ed) will seem quaint and old fashioned. People will wonder what all the fuss was about, when there are Martians and Jovians to fight and loathe. In the meantime, we link to a marvellous piece by the late great Christopher Hitchens, eloquent as ever in its disdain for the petty and the foolish everywhere.

Tulsa race massacre – Wikipedia

Biden warns of echoes of Tulsa massacre in the United States today (yahoo.com)

Christopher Hitchens: The narcissism of small differences | National Post

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2 thoughts on “Haters take heart-the future offers glorious opportunites for racism

  1. hitchens c was a very intelligent man

    i think the key to human improvement is psychological
    the enlightenment people were far too optimistic in hoping that reason would do the job-it applies to the top 5% at most
    as for the marxists believing that everything is economically determined- it was an utter delusion


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