Gussie Fink-Nottle, a man for all seasons

“I tell you, I despise that man. Why? Because he is a pessimist!” So Gussie Fink-Nottle singled out Bertie Wooster to the crowd at the prize giving in Market Snodsbury Grammar School. Close textual analysis of What Ho, Jeeves! will recall its exposition of the eternal battle of the optimists, represented by the likes of Gussy and Tuppy Glossop, and pessimists such as Bertie, always skulking at the back of the hall and snarking at the discomfort of others.

Well, ladies and gentlemen we at LSS are firmly in the Fink-Nottle camp. The optimists. The glass half full types who think a problem is there to be solved. If a hole has a long fairway, then the exercise will do you good sort of attitude. And today we are presenting 16 reasons, no less why we think we are right. About green energy any way.

By watching the linked Facebook video, which also has some jolly up beat fink-nottlish sort of music, you will discover:

solar panels which track the sun like giant daisies

turbines which sit in rivers and streams and do no harm to wildlife

solar powered tubes to cook delicious kebabs on camping trips

batteries powered by salt water

And lots more ingenious, optimistic and positive ideas to wring a little more energy from the planet, while cocking a snook at horrible old pessimists like Bertie Wooster who said it couldn’t be done. So just as Gussie frequently called for cheers from his audience, let’s cheer on the optimistic engineers who will make these and many other good things possible.

Credits: the video comes from the Business Insider website and was recommended to us by Mrs Christine Hartley of Sussex.

Watch | Facebook

Tech – Insider (

PG Wodehouse Jeeves and Wooster Arrow Books 1992

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