Friday Night Cocktails-Whisky

This week we want to celebrate two drinks which link Britain and the USA-whisky and bourbon. There are so many special relationships from hush hush security to blessed ties in marriage, including prominent families like the Churchills! That excellent book The Bartender’s Guide by Peter Bohrman gave us a few ideas, together with some of his tasting notes! Sadly,we can’t think of a theme to link all these delicious drinks-can you, gentle readers?

Prince Charliefruity dry drink for the evening” In a shaker, mix 1 measure (ms) of scotch. 0.75 ms. Drambuie, 2 teaspoonfuls (tsp) lemon juice and shake over ice. Pour to a cocktail glass and garnish wth a maraschino cherry. LSS says: well that’s pretty British!

Modern Girl spicy and dry In your shaker mix 0.75 ms bourbon , 2 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp white rum, 1 tsp pernod, 1 tsp orange bitters. Shake over ice and pour to a cocktail glass, retaining the ice. Here comes the twist: squeeze the peel over the glass and use it for your garnish. LSS asks: can you think of any sassy American girls right now?

London Sour Fruity for any occasion Shake up 1 ms scotch. 0.75ms lemon juice, 0.75ms orange juice,2 tsp almond syrup, 2 tsp sugar syrup, all over chunky ice. Pour to a chilled cocktail glass and decorate with orange slice and cocktail cherry. LSS ponders: why is London sour?

Los Angeles fruity for a party Usual shake;1ms scotch 0.75ms passion fruit syrup,0.75ms lemon juice, 0.75ms pineaple juice,(there’s your five a day!) Big garnish on this one-slices of orange lemon and pineapple. Then add a touch of amaretto before she goes down the hatch. LSS observes: what a way to put your recent troubles behind you!

Royal Turkey fruity for summer In your shaker, over ice, add 1.5ms pineapple juice, 0.75ms bourbon. 0.75ms apricot brandy and 0.75ms gin. Shake and pour with ice to a highball or hurricane glass. Top up with ice cool lemonade, and garnish with a cherry. LSS speculates:could this be the name of the film, or the feedback?

For the record we have converted ounces to measures. Same thing. Thanks, Peter. If you want to benefit from his knowledge of over 1400 tasty drinks, and much beside, why not buy the book, which is to say:

Peter Bohrman The Bartender’s Guide Greenwich editions 2005

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