Here’s some Science websites we liked

You won’t make sense of te modern world without knowing about Science. Whether you’re an investor, a teacher, someone with a career to begin, or just an ordianary citizen, you need to know what scientists are doing now-for that is what we’ll all be doing in five years. Remember something called DNA in crime scene investigation. So here, in no particular order are some of the Science sites we visit to run up your daily read

Nature World’s foremost science Journal- but the print edition is aimed fairly and squarely at the professionals. To reach out, they have started Nature Briefings-and it’s a winner. They pick the very best science news from Nature and elsewhere and then serve up a nice summary, with clicks to longer articles and/or the original paper. You’ll often see us reference them here. You can even arrange to have regular updates by email-and it’s all free.

Nature Briefing | Nature

New Scientist Bright and lively (for a science mag-it’s notTake a Break) it was part of the wave of more accessible science in the 1960’s,alongside TV shows like Tomorrows World and Horizon– accessible tone, serious integrity unquestionable. Warning to cheapskates-quite a lot of the online stuff is paywalled. Oh well-we’ve all got a living to make!

New Scientist | Science news and science articles from New Scientist

Our friends across the pond: If you put “Science” in your search engine you’ll get two results, as follows

Science Magazine– published by, the articles are clickable all the way down. Great resource for teachers – Feature Stories, Weblog News, Reports

Science The worthy Journal of the worthy American Association for The Advancement of Science, it’s another premier league heavy. There are some good summary and warm up articles before you hit the serious papers, but be warned-this one’s paywalled like Hadrian’s as well.

Science | AAAS (

Live Science If the ones above are the serious older family members, this lot are the cool young brother who wears his baseball cap the wrong way round. That said, the stuff here is perfectly acceptable, they just cast their net a little wider; there’s even a History section which is clever because it can drag in a lot of archaeology as well.

Live Science: The Most Interesting Articles, Mysteries & Discoveries

News Sites Lots of news outlets employ good science journos and it’s bitterly unfair of us to only pick three. But for historical, personal reasons these are the ones that make our cut every day

Daily Mail. Yes that’s right, the Daily Mail. Before all our enlightened readers start reaching for the benzodiazepemes, we know there may be “issues” around some of their news reporting, and yes they did seem to flirt with certain anti-vaccinators a couple of decades ago. But there is nothing like a sinner repentant we say, and their writings on things like global warming, antibiotics and vaccines are now utterly objective and right-on. All right, some of the “comments” underneath seem to come right out of the Mesolithic, but, hell, they can’t pick their readers anymore than we can.

Latest Science News & Technology News | Daily Mail Online

Guardian The days of gratuitous typos are long over with this lot, and there’s often a wry, Guardianesque take on stories which will keep you in.

Science | The Guardian

El Pais We couldn’t leave you with just English Language hits, could we? To prove we are a truly international blog, we recommend the most serious and best of all the Spanish News outlets. Warning: like just about every other Spanish publication we have ever read, they seemed to have skimped on subeditors. So, often, the sentences start and go on and on and on, like that, one sentence, until it fills a whole paragraph, or two, and still you’re reading it, and……..OK. maybe the money was better spent on tapas. But what about the poor readers?


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